This week something fantastic happened—a winery name St. Supéry hired me to talk about their brand using social media. I'm not sure it's sunk in yet, but I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. We ask kids all the time what they want to be when they grow up. I'm pretty sure when I was a kid my answer was not, "I want to be a wine and food blogger." But now that I think about it, that career test they gave me back in high school seems pretty accurate now. This new career change will be a blast, but it'll also be hard work. Without a doubt, this wouldn't have happened without the generosity of so many people who have been supportive along the way, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Here is an honor roll of some of the people who helped make this happen (and who should now proceed directly to the winery in Napa so I can give them the VIP treatment):

Thank you to the following people who have helped (if you don't already, follow these VIPs): @jaimiebakas - You are my every reason and I'd be incomplete without you. Your support makes this possible. @tekee - Ted lives nearby, and is always supporting the Bakas' @totalbev - My local wine shop not only rockin' it on Twitter, but now part of TasteLive.com online tastings. @misternoodle - My co-blogger on BlogBQue.com. Russ and I met on Twitter, then in person in Chicago, now working together. @shellykramer - My other co-blogger on BlogBQue. Shelly, Russ and I talk often and just really clicked. @alohaarleen - One of Twitter's top 3 tweeters spreading her positive vibe far and wide. There's a reason she has such a large following! @zaibatsu - One of the "Big Dogs" in social media. This CO tweeter usually ranks as one of the most influential people on Twitter with over 80,000 followers @robmcnealy - Another "Big Dog" with about 100,000 followers on Twitter. Rob is a CO tweeter who is in another league @Jason_Pollock - A cool film maker from NY. Jason's new film, The Youngest Candidate is produced by Pulp Fiction & An Inconvenient Truth team @lesleykeffer - Lesley is the VP at St. Supéry.  Her vision of where the wine business is going made all this possible. @ginidietrich - Chicago-based wine+food lover. Gini is the CEO of Arment Dietrich and author of spinsucks.com @carece - There's not enough room here to list all the reasons Carece is a Twitter VIP. She is one of the top 3 people you could ever follow. @modishplum - Denver based all around stud chica who has a food blog of her own. @lisaadamswalter - Lisa and I talk wine frequently. She was one of the first people in the wine industry who really seemed to have a good online presence. @OliviaWilder - Internet Talk Radio host, portrait painter, writer, lover of life and laughter. Eternal Optimist. @edo_au - Ed Sullivan and I have been talking, tweeting and sharing since last fall. Ed is a wine & food lover in Sydney, Australia. Check him out! @jansimpson - I like Jan. She has a rather large following for a reason. Discover why. @jennyjenjen - Jen is a recent CU grad who works in PR, and actually gets social media. PR firms would be smart to hire her. @sweetnote - Like her name indicates :) @electromute - One of the coolest people in Boulder, and one of the most kick butt developers at Gnip. @jerell - Husband in love to @Salus, MBA, PMP, CoFounder of Salus Bath and Body Care (Natural, Organic), www.iFollowBack.com, US Marine @salus - Founder/Owner of SALUS, custom natural and organic, bath and body care. @pmabray - Paul is one of the founders of VinTank. He's brought together a group of 8 people under the VinTank 4+ endorsement who are kind of like the Justice League of wine @michelleflores - Michelle brings a positive message every day to Twitter. She's another CO tweeter who's always very supportive of others. @MediaMum - She's Australian, she lives in Boulder, she is a great person and important member of the online community. What's not to like? @StrawberryToast - Victoria is a chef in NY with an impressive track record. She helps make my wine+food pairings better by suggesting things I hadn't thought of to make the meal even better. @MistyMontano - The cosmic glue that connects the state of CO with CBS4 news. She's the eyes and ears of this state. @ThePicMan - One of my first Twitter friends. We started talking about bacon a year and a half ago and haven't looked back. @Spaulds1 - Susan checks in every day with a positive, "how are you today?" greeting. She is supportive of many, lover of all. @Bptbtrfly - Kathleen is a wine and food lover, and helps share my wine+food pairings daily with her followers. @allison1j - When she's not running the PR firm Conking, Fiskum & McCormick she's up for supporting a goode cause @KimSherrell - Anyone who follows Kim knows she is one of the best Twitter personalities mixing humor with good vibes @MayhemStudios - Calvin is often one of the most ReTweeted people on Twitter with good reason. His blog and design tips are the best online. @JaxLicurse - I see Jackie on Twitter just about every day consistently interacting and supporting others. @lorimoreno - Lori is not only THE most positive person on Twitter, but she makes some cool little designs in her tweets using text characters. @StewartStudio - Diane is another CO tweeter who has supported the cause @Iconic88 - One of my favorite Aussie Tweeters sharing good vibes and loves good food! @givemebargains - Nat is awesome and she RT's whenever we're online at the same time. She's consistent and positive. @Tatiana_K - There's so many great people to list, Tatiana should be higher up the list because of her pleasant vibe she brings to Twitter. I look for her tweetage. @birdsall - Maureen runs Birdsall Interactive. She's doing some cool stuff and we have many same interests: wine, food, site design, social media, etc.... @naomimimi - Yet another awesome CO tweeter who "gets" social media, and she's very supportive of others. @passionsista - Quality tweetage from a quality human being. She's awesome, really awesome. @pugofwar - Ef is like my brother in the bonds of bacon from Boulder. @wineevangelist - We love talking about wine! @CMChadwick - I met Chris at a tweetup, and have had lunch a few times. He's a great CO tweeter who's reach is far and wide @geekmommy - If there's anyone in CO who gets social media more than Lucretia I'd like to meet them. She knows how to "mom it forward" @ColeDavid - David is one of the few wine people who "gets" social media. We've been chatting for almost a year now. @buzzedition - Everyone knows Susan aka BuzzEdition and her famous ~hugs~ sign off on each tweet. @ladydreamer823 - She didn't just vote, she voted 3 times! Any friend of Ted (aka @tekee) is a friend of mine. @Whitsundays - Another one of my favorite Aussie tweeters. Alf is the go-to tweeter for all things related to Queensland. @terri5me2000 @froggie775 @ejoep @southplatte - CO based tweeter I hope to meet some day. @TanyaNoel - One of my newer friends on Twitter. We met via @misternoodle. @timbury - Tim is a cool dude, and always has a way of supporting you when you least expect it. @mclinklove - One of the newer Twitter VIPs. This guy gets it. @Bradinator - We love wine. We love bacon. You can still crash at our place when you come for ski season @gravyfloid - The coolest avatar on Twitter. Period. @isweatbutter - We met because I sweat bacon. Paula Deen loves us. @stoc - More great wine and social media vibes. @TheBigKlosowski - Allen is a CO tweeter who has a sizeable following for a reason. Check him out. @EmmaRileySutton - Thank you @mbernier - Matt and I met a few times in person, he's a cool dude working on a useful Twitter app. @Rajean - Supporting my quest on Facebook and Twitter @donnawhite - Thanks for the RT love

If I didn't add you to the list, it isn't on purpose. Please let me know. I have ADD sometimes and forget but you should be acknowledged. Cheers!

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