Chilled Cucumber Soup Wine Pairing

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Go up to the ingredients list and pick out the fruits listed.  You'll see honeydew melon and lemon stand out as two of the flavors that go into the soup.  That's a great starting point when thinking about what wine to pull out and serve.  A grape like Muscat can work very well with tree fruits, and when you get one from France you will tap into a beautiful expression of the variety.  The 2009 Joseph Cattin Muscat comes from Alsace, France and should be relatively easy to find in local wine shops.

Here we see Muscat at its finest showing off aromatic fireworks that will remind you of walking through a garden with your shirt off, or at least that's what it reminded me of.  Fresh picked grapes, fresh flowers and a dusting of allspice will be apparent right off.  But I like this as a pairing because there's a dryness in the wine and an acidity that you need to cut through the soup.  The texture of the wine and texture of the soup are what make this an exciting first course for people you really like.  For people you don't really like you can serve them some plonk from California that sits on the bottom shelf.