Full Body, Full Value Red!

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Full Body, Full Value Red! Poggio alle Sughere Morellino de Scansano 2006

‘You ever “bite” into a full bodied red that fills your mouth with velvety chocolate and warms your palate such full-on flavor your taste buds wanna’ scream “mercy”? You will when you take a good sip of Italian Poggio alle Sughere Morellino de Scansano and all for an incredible value of about $12!

Here’s an excerpt from the back label (yah, I know it’s all advertisement for the wine, but in this case, it’s dead on!): “Made with SANGIOVESE 90% and CABERNET SAUVIGNON 10 % grapes grown in our best vineyards at Magliano in Tuscana...Aged for 8 months in small oak barrels and then for several months in the bottle...it is ideal an accompaniment for antipasto, pasta and rice dishes, grilled beef and a variety of cheeses.”

Well, I can attest to all of that and more. I opened a bottle the other night both to add to fresh chop & cook ratatouille and then drink with it when I was done. Of course, I had a sip to start and got every bit of that excellent full mouthed dry but fruity flavor I mentioned above. And then I had it with ratatouille and pan fried chicken. The wine held its flavor and was a gorgeously rich accompaniment to the chicken and fresh vegetable flavors in the ratatouille topped with feta cheese. I’ve had it with other cheeses, sausage and fruit and even with a chocolate desert the other night. The wine never let up and always stood its ground,

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I checked online and saw the wine sell for between just over $12 to $20. So, the $12 price I paid at our fantastic locally well known Julio’s Liquor was definitely a good deal. I highly recommend the wine and will be out to buy more - soon!

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