HOW TO participate in virtual wine tastings on Twitter


Over the next few weeks there will be a series of virtual wine tastings taking place on Twitter. Anyone with a bottle of wine and a Twitter account can join in. All you need to know is the time and the hash tag.

For example, on Sunday March 27th there's a virtual wine tasting called #HunterWine. Wine lovers on Twitter will be sharing stuff about wines from the Hunter Valley in Australia.


Here's how you can participate:

1. Get wine for the virtual wine tasting. Whole Foods carries the wines for #HunterWine, #YarraWine & #BarossaWine.

2. Search the hash tag using things like or Tweetdeck. See what other people are saying, because they'll be adding the hash tag to their tweets to make 'em searchable.

3. Post tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos or anything else online and make sure you include the hash tag.


You don't have to be at the actual wine tasting. You can physically be at home tasting wine, all you need is Twitter. The key to participating is the hash tag. Using a hash tag like #HunterWine makes the subject searchable. During these virtual tastings, you'll be able to tweet back and forth with winemakers in Australia and ask them questions about the wines, the region or anything.
Hope to see you online! It's going to be like a giant virtual dining room table and everyone is invited...