John Tyler Pinot Noir

Russian River is not only a beautiful place to drive through, but its location makes it well-suited to produce exceptional Pinot Noir fruit. Pinot Noir is such a delicate grape, and really requires more work to produce a great wine.  Where Cabernet or Chardonnay grapes have a thicker skin, Pinot Noir's skin is thin and the grape produces more dramatic results.  If you get a good one, it's magic in a bottle, if you get a bad one, it's really not enjoyable.  Russian River sits in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country and is home to a number of family wineries, including John Tyler Wines. This winery is a joint project between the Bacigalupi family and Heck family. Both families have rich histories with plenty of accolades.  Luckily for John Tyler Wines, they have a wonderful vineyard well suited for producing exceptional Pinot Noir fruit. A few weeks back I invited a few friends to taste two vintages of John Tyler Pinot side by side. The food pairing was Apple Soy Grilled Salmon which went well with the pinots.  My favorite part about the John Tyler pinots was the beautiful aromas rising out the glass.  The other impressive thing was the ALC % level in both wines, coming in between 14.1%-14.4%.  Perfect for California Pinot Noir. There is a pretty good balance of flavors on the taste map. The apple provides sweetness, the soy provides saltiness and I throw in a little ginger or garlic to add some bitterness to the recipe. The end results is equal balance of flavor. The wine too had an equal balance of sweet, sour, bitter and salt. Together I'd say both the recipe and wine had a similar intensity of flavor.


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