Mini Me Crab Cakes w/ Spicy Sauce


Last week I picked up a fresh Dungeness Crab (and this recipe) from Whole Foods that was caught that morning from Bodega Bay, and was cleaned as well as cracked....all for $4.99.  Gotta love this time of year in the bay area!

These tasty little gems are great for parties.  They're two bites of sheer awesomeness...make ahead of time and reheat or make 'em fresh.  Please share you wine pairing suggestions below in comments.  Cheers!

INGREDIENTS 1 LB Dungeness Crab (or lump crab meat) 2/3 cup bread crumbs (wheat crumbs work well) 4 green onions, sliced thin 1 egg 1/4 TSP fresh ground pepper 1-1/2 TSP Old Bay seasoning 1 TBSP Dijon mustard 6 TBSP mayonnaise, divided 1/4 cup roasted red bell pepper, chopped 2 TBSP hot sauce 1-1/2 TSP grated lemon zest 1 TBSP canola oil

Place crab meat in a large bowl and use your fingers to gently feel for and remove any pieces of shell or crab cartilage. Add green onions, bread crumbs, Old Bay and pepper, toss to combine. While that's going on, get out a smaller bowl and whisk together dijon, egg and 2 TBSP of mayo, and pour over the crab mix. Toss until combined. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes

Meanwhile, take a sip of the wine you're thinking of pairing :) And also, make the sauce while you're at it. Nobody wants to be a total lush. In a blender, combine bell pepper, hot sauce, lemon zest and remaining mayo. blend until it's silky smooth. Cover and refrigerate until it's ready to use.

Form the crab mixture into 24 small 2-bite crab cakes...each about 1-1/2 inch in diameter. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Working in batches, fry the cakes until nicely browned and cooked through, about 3 minutes per side. Drain on a paper towel and serve warm with sauce.

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