Murphy-Goode winery's A Really Goode Job

After putting my hat in the proverbial ring as a candidate for #areallygoodejob I thought it would be good to give a little perspective. The whole thing is brilliant for Murphy-Goode's brand. I received a tweet from someone who said they bought a bottle of M-G Fumé Blanc after seeing my video and voting.  I'd be curious to see the data for sales and the Murphy-Goode brand after they rolled this out. When I heard about this application process, I was on a cruise ship in the Bahamas sipping some Liar's Dice on a vessel called the Seven Seas Navigator.  A good friend of mine who belongs to the Murphy-Goode wine club sent a text message. You see, when I go to his house we usually find ourselves opening a bottle of M-G Petite Verdot, and I love it. Seemed kind of ironic my Murphy-Goode drinking buddy would send me a message about Murphy-Goode's job post while I'm drinking their wine at that very moment.  It's like the planets aligned, and the clouds parted to reveal my new path in life.  When I returned home I read the job description. Then read it again, and again just to make sure I was reading it right:

"We want to hire a social media whiz (your title will be “Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent”) who will report on the cool lifestyle of Sonoma County Wine Country and, of course, tell people what you’re learning about winemaking."

After thinking about it, I thought to myself that I spend hours all over social media talking about wine every day because I love it.  There's no compensation involved.  Now you're telling me I could get paid AND get to live at the winery for 6 months.  In a way, it reminds me of that song by Eminem where he talks about having one shot to seize the moment and realize your dream.  This is an open door of opportunity, and I hope my ramblings leading up to this point will carry some weight to be considered.  The moment I decided to enter this competition, I decided I was going to have fun throughout the whole process no matter where it led.  Making the video involved a lot of cracking up when the camera wasn't rolling.  We kept things light on the set, and by set I mean hand held camera with my buddies.  By the way, shout out to @discry for being my camera man and director.

Ultimately, there are a number of things that go into being considered.  Most people who know me online know I talk about wine, food, bacon and more bacon.  Some of the other worth-mentioning accomplishments related to #areallygoodejob, but couldn't fit into the video are:

+ Orignated the #fastfollowfive hashtag on which now trends daily on twitter + Originated the #wine, #areallygoodejob, #murphy-goode and #pairing hashtags on + Have been early to the party on many social sites going back to the AOL days where I was one of the first 500 members in 1992. + I have substantial social connections through consistent conversation about wine+food on a number of web 2.0 sites beside Facebook and Twitter. + Was member number #53 on, a site that now has over 3,000 members. + Have been on erobertparker's BB since 2002 + On Twitter ranking engine, @wefollow I'm ranked as the #1 overall Bacon tweeter, the #3 overall Wine tweeter and #3 overall Branding tweeter on Twitter. + On, another ranking engine, I'm ranked as the #1 wine tweeter + I'm already building a presence on the next thing(s) after Twitter 'cause that's how early adopters roll.

To see and vote for my video please click here and remember to confirm your vote. They send you a link to your email address that you have to click to make sure you're a human. picture-4

On Thursday, May 14th Mashable wrote and article about the job featuring 4 videos. Luckily, they picked my video as one of them.


Here's the @wefollow rankings.  Being in the top 3 for wine ain't half bad!




The Bakas Family Crest
The Bakas Family Crest

So there you have it. We're a week and a half away from the cutoff for entries. Each day there are more and more candidates uploading videos, and competition is getting fierce. By August 1, Murphy-Goode will have selected the first (but hopefully not last) Lifestyle Correspondent. No matter who is selected, the Murphy-Goode brand will have increased their brand equity, and many of the candidates will have better personal brand recognition. Cheers