Shackford's: The Best Kitchen Store in America

By the time people reach 80 years old they're most likely retired or taking it easy somewhere with grandchildren.  Not John Shackford—he still runs Shackford's in downtown Napa roaming the aisles answering any question about anything and everything related to kitchen gadgetry.  John is a walking encyclopedia of kitchen knowledge with several decades of knowledge tucked away in his noggin.


Shackford's is a family business specializing in all things kitchen, including parts.  You can find virtually anything you need for any kitchen tool there in stock.  You have a Cuisinart coffee maker made in 2001 that needs a replacement thingy?  He's got it, or he'll get it.  And John is on top of the trends too.  Today he mentioned paella pans being a hot item this winter.


What's even better are the prices.  In 2009 consumers have become savvy at finding bargains, and this place if full of them.  Everything in the store is on sale.  It's like combining TJ Maxx with Williams-Sonoma in a hardware store setting.  Aisles and aisles of pristine pots, pans, spoons, racks, platters, glassware and anything else you can image are all packed onto basic looking wooden shelves.  This is the kind of store foodies would geek out in for hours.

Shackford's is open Monday thru Saturday 9:30-5:00.

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