Ashley Bellview: A Fellow Wine Drinker to Watch

picture-11 This Murphy-Goode journey has had an unexpected benefit–it's helped me connect with other wine drinking social media types who otherwise wouldn't have met (most likely).  Take Ashley for example, she's in the running for #areallygoodejob and what she did well as a candidate is worth learning from.  The first, and best thing she did is keep her personal brand in tact.  She didn't change her name to "goode" anything.  Before, during and after this process, the Ashley Bellview brand is solid.

The next thing she did well is what we should all do in social media, be authentic.  In her video, Ashley is filmed cropped in close so you can hear her talking.  She doesn't say or do anything fancy or over the top.  She just put it out there like, "this is who I am, and I'd like this job".  It's one of the more transparent presentations, and that just makes her brand stronger.

When Murphy-Goode selects their final 10 candidates, Ashley is someone who would be goode to pick.  Take a moment and view her video, and vote.