Admiral Ackbar's Guide to Holiday Wine+Food

When I'm not leading the Rebellion you can find me at home making bite sized Admiral Ackbar's snack bars. They make a great finger food to serve as guests are coming out of hyperdrive and docking at your ship. I like to serve them with Rylothian Yurp so you won't get too filled up but will enjoy spice on spice action.

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A Trio of Spanish Cheeses


Rich and buttery with a wood-smoked nutty nuance along with citrus undertones.  Made with raw sheep's milk.


Made just 50 miles west of Madrid, this is technically a blue cheese — tangy, salty, and robust.  You'll even find hits of juniper.  In fact, that's what the word "Enebro" means.


A firm textured cheese with a rind washed with fresh rosemary and olive oil, this cheese is then aged in an open cave for 8 months.