2000 Chateau La Croix de Jauge Saint-Emilion

Lots of sweet fruit and vanilla in this wine.  The 2000 is a great representation of Saint-Emilion.  When the 2000 vintage first came out it was supposed to be the vintage of the century.  Many second and third growth Bordeaux wines were selling for very reasonable prices.  I think I picked this up from Costco for about $20 a bottle back in 2002. In the last year, I've opened at least one bottle of each 2000 Bordeaux to see how they're aging.  This La Croix is one of the better examples of not only the vintage, but the quality that can be had in Bordeaux.  It's almost American in its opulence and sweet American Oak, which is where the vanilla comes from.  Luckily, like most European wines, it still places terroir at the forefront making sure the soil comes through on the palate.  I'd score this an 8 on a scale of 1-10.  Probably still reasonably priced if you can find it.  Cheers